About Us

Find out a little more about Lorien Ink and what makes us tick. It’s important to know why we do what we do! Narrow down your search by selecting a person below to find out more about them.

Passionate Team. Results that matter.

Lorien Ink is all about delivering creative solutions to your challenges, and we care about doing the best we can. We aim to have the skills in-house to achieve your goals, but we have a network of talented freelance creatives that we call on when the need arises.

Our business is divided into two main sections: technology, and creative arts. While this doesn’t define or constrain us or what we do, it helps to organise the large number of skills and opportunities we have available to you (and your business). We have experience working with clients or all sizes – from individual freelancers and performers, to small and medium businesses split across multiple geographically-diverse offices.

Some of Our Clients

While we’d love to showcase everyone we work with, all the time, sometimes it’s just not possible due to confidentiality or other circumstances. We’ve selected a few clients to showcase here, but each and every one of our clients is just as important as the next. Similarly, we cannot always showcase the work we have completed for those clients as it often involves internal and confidential information.

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