Event Photography & Videography

Whether your event needs promotional or production photography, advertising or showreel videography, or a full livestream setup, Lorien Ink has you covered. We also do artist headshots and performance portfolio imagery.

Event Photography and Videography Services

Here is a range of services we offer in this area. If there’s something else you need, please just reach out – we’re fairly flexible and can usually accommodate requests of all kinds.

While we’d love to go into all the details here, this page would become unbearably long… so, let’s talk more about event photography and videography. Get in touch with us today to discuss details, and allow us to provide you with a fixed-price quote on your next event, conference, or performance.

Adelaide Fringe Festival Events & Artists

Are you producing a live event at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival, but need assistance with live-streaming your work? Lorien Ink can help! Jump on over to our dedicated Adelaide Fringe Live Stream page, and we’ll get you all the details you need. Multiple packages available to suit all budgets, covering all Fringe venues and setups.

A Few Samples of Our Work

It’s hard to show you everything we can do, and sometimes our work is confidential or for internal-use only… but we’ve done our best, below, to summarise the kinds of work we do to give you a taste of Lorien Ink’s photography and videography style.

Artist Headshots and Promotional Imagery

Event and Performance Photography

Event Videography and Live-Streaming

Samples coming soon!

Let’s talk further about event photography and videography.