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Repertoire & Drama Coaching

I have a passion for stories and the art of storytelling, which has lead me in a variety of directions in my life. As an English and Drama teacher, I am continually absorbed in textual analysis and getting to the heart of a characters motivation. My love of singing and dancing has allowed me to combine all my skills into a love of musical theatre, and an aptitude for ‘telling a story’ through music. Whilst there are many experienced vocal coaches in Adelaide with in depth understanding of the voice, I offer selection and interpretation of repertoire as my particular specialty, and I love helping students prepare for auditions, once off performances and entire theatrical seasons by working through material and really making sense of it. My belief is that the story should come first, and a great performance is more memorable than perfect technique (and having both is even better!)

Vocal Coaching

As a performer I am aware of the many and complex challenges that can be presented to us and how this can affect vocal health, and on a deeper level, our relationship with ourselves and our voices. I have been diagnosed with a rare syndrome that means my body produces faulty collagen, and this affects every part of my body- muscles, joints, and organs. I have had periods of being very unwell and had to perform, and I’m more susceptible to vocal injury. This had lead me down the road of finding out as much as I can about how the voice works, how I can best support myself to be at my optimum through times of great challenge, and how to manage the mental health side of performance such as dealing with anxiety and trauma, arming myself with a range of strategies to trust my voice and find the joy in performance again. I am now passionate about sharing this with others, ensuring that we have an individualised approach to voice and performance that takes into account your personal case history and unique complexities. I also feel very strongly that working on shedding perfectionism and focusing on telling the story of the music will help you to locate in the joy and unique qualities of your own voice.

My Philosophy: The Whole-Hearted Performer

If you are familiar with the works of Brene Brown (if not, start with her Ted Talk, here: ) you would have heard her talk about the power of vulnerability, and living wholeheartedly. I was honestly delighted when I first came across her research because I felt like her massive body of work confirmed what I had always believed in my heart: to be vulnerable is to be powerful. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable we allow others to connect with us in powerful ways. When we give a vulnerable performance, we reach into the hearts of our audience members and find that the magic of theatre is empathy, understanding and connection. But to be vulnerable is terrifying for most people. It exposes us to our worst fears: that we are not perfect, that we don’t know everything, that we can be jealous, out of control, even ugly (There hasn’t been a deeply emotional moment in my life that wasn’t accompanied by a red blotchy face, huge tears, and snot running down my face.) Life isn’t always beautiful, but messy life is real life and without authenticity it’s very hard to make any kind of connection. This is why someone can look flawless, sing pitch perfectly, and not move us at all, and why others can touch us deeply with their raw, wavering, rough tones. My greatest passion in life is to break through ‘cool’ (and trust me I have never, ever been cool) and ‘aloof’ and replace it with warm, and genuine. Or in Brene Browns words: show up and let myself be seen. To me that’s the ultimate courage and the ultimate goal in producing authentic and powerful performances.

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