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Explore our range of creative solutions, and in particular, our focus on solutions for the creative & performing arts industries. We have a range of experience and knowledge, bringing a new level of professionalism to your event, organisation or personal skill set.

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Lorien Ink is your creative solutions hub

Select any of the above areas for further details on the kinds of performing and creative arts offerings we have. With a primary focus on clients in South Australia, due to the very “on-site” nature of performing arts, our team has the skills to take your event to the next level – or to help you up skill as a performer or event producer.

Although we do like to meet our clients personally before we begin working with them, in the age of COVID-19 we understand this is not always possible, and will look to utilise technologies such as Zoom/Google Meet instead to better understand your needs, your challenges and issues, and how best we can devise a solution fit for you.

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